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<p>Discover our AirTracks  inflatable sports equipment. These inflatable tracks have the highest quality and bring safe and durable training equipment to gyms all around the world. Ready to have fun ?</p>

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<p>Discover our AirTracks  inflatable sports equipment. These inflatable tracks have the highest quality and bring safe and durable training equipment to gyms all around the world. Ready to have fun ?</p>
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  • School Sports The AirJumpy combines basic movement exercises with fun; the ideal combination for any school!  OV10 blower included Gymnastics & Cheer Tumbling, floor excercises, Pegasus training... it's all possible on the AirJumpy. Choose an upgrade to a longer bottom mat for higher level athletes. Freerunning/Tricking The soft landings and high jumps...

    from 3084,17 €
  • The AirSpot is a round version of our AirFloor, AirTrack P2 and AirTrack p3. Its round shape gives the product a different look and offers wide variations in usage. The soft and bouncy AirSpots motivate kids to move and jump freely! Coordination and balance are improved along the way. Besides being a great piece of equipment for gymnastics and fitness,...

    from 157,50 €
  • The AirTrack Take Off set is a combination of the new AirRoll TakeOff and an 8-meters AirTrack P3. The set offers a safe and fun alternative for gymnastic session. It is a great tool to practise gymnastical exercises, but it can also offer a new dimension tododgeball, basketball, volleyball and more! Great for schools recreational sports. Basic set :...

    from 3050,00 €
  • For AirFloors and small objects, up to 250 mbar.   The AirTrack blower is ideal for AirBeam, AirTrack Training Set, AirRolls and other small to mid sized objects. This OV10 blower Inflates air equipment with up to 250 mbar of air. The OV10 blower is designed for high pressure inflation, which is required for airfloors or when an AiTrack P2 is used by...

    from 105,00 €
  • These patented portable sets are combinations of 3 small AirTrack P3 element that can be used as standalone equipment or on top of an AirTrack. Stack 1, 2 or all 3 elements on top of an AirTrack for methodical training exercises, or use the complete set as a child friendly vault box. Using the Airbox mounting kit, the AirBox can be firmly anchored to an...

    from 1245,83 €
  • Designed for trainers who want to create easy, simple andmethodical situations in their trainings. The AirIncline is easy toset up, lightweight and portable.Exercises such as rolling, cartwheel, back handspring, handspringand front flip are easier to learn with the help of our AirIncline.The lines on the AirIncline will stimulate the children to...

    from 894,17 €
  • This foot pump has a built-in manometer to perfectly adjust the pressure in your AirFloor, AirBeam, AirRolls, AirBoards and AirBlocks. The foot pump is suitable for all smaller AirTrack Factory products. It is light-weight and great if you want to take your home training equipment outside or on holiday!   Including manometer

    from 30,83 €
  • Pressure gauge that measures up to 250 mbar. Fits all our inflatable objects 0.3 KG   ( For all inflatables equipemnt except airbag )

    from 73,33 €
  • Holds an AirRoll in place for comfortable training.Fits all AirRoll sizes.    Keep your AirRoll in place during your training with the AirRoll Stabilizer. The stabilizer fits all AirRoll sizes and keeps the AirRoll from moving. This makes the AirRoll a great piece of equipment for stretching, handstand exercises, bounce training and more! Gymnastics and...

    from 125,00 €
  • High volume output blower for large objects, up to 920 mbar.   This high volume output blower is able to inflate a 15 X 2.8M P3 AirTrack within 4 minutes! It's the combination of valves and nozzles that makes this the perfect blower to inflate our larger mats ( P2, P3 and AirTrick).   Air pressure capacity : 0 - 920 mbar Air voilume flow capacity : 0...

    from 208,33 €
  • Fully pressurized inflatable gymnastics competition floor / floor, so all athletes can find their comfort and perform their routine on a set floor suitable for their level.   The rebound you know. The security you expect. An installation in 60 minutes that you never thought possible.   Recognized by the Dutch Gymnastics Federation and appreciated by...

    from 23368,33 €
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