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Discover all kinds of juggling equipment. Juggling balls, Juggling clubs, juggling rings … With all this equipment, Learn to Juggle and find all the circus equipment you need to learn and have fun ! 

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Circus and juggling

Discover all kinds of juggling equipment. Juggling balls, Juggling clubs, juggling rings … With all this equipment, Learn to Juggle and find all the circus equipment you need to learn and have fun ! 

Circus and juggling
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  • Bi-density foam circus mats. Adjustable with Velcro flaps.Composition : 8 mats for a total dimensions of 940 X 170 X 15 CM2 mats of 100 x 170 x 15 cm2 matts of 300 x 170 x 15 cm + 2 pads 60x80x15cm that can be take off2 mats of 90 x 50 x 15 cm

  • Balance board helps improve your balance, coordination and flexibility and develop core muscle strength. Used in rehability and physical therapy.Wooden board covered with rubber.

    from 34,17 €
  • Balance and coordinationIdeal to practice balancing skills, these hemisphere stilts offer a unique and functional design adapting to the children's walking movements in a natural way.Made from plastic with anti-slip rubber profile.

    from 41,67 €
  • Rolla bolla is great for developping balance.Made of a 13cm diameter polyethylene cylinder and a 75x25cm wooden board with two strips of rubber (for good grip on the cylinder) and two stops. The grooves on the board avoid slipping. Weight : 3.30kg

    from 46,67 €
  • Essential for developing good balance.This polyethylene balance ball is shock-resistant and can be used indoors.Diameter 70cm

    from 221,67 €
  • The Go Go pedal racer is ideal for improving balance and and developing body control.It is safe, stimulating and fun to play with.Plastic wheels and pedals, steel axle (diameter 14mm) and rubber tyres.Dimensions : 48x36x16cmMaximum allowable weight : 50kgRecommended age : from 4 years

    from 54,17 €
  • The Go Go bus with handles is ideal for improving balance and co-ordination.At 2 or 3, the children must be able to coordinate their movements.plastic wheels, rubber tyres, steel-reinforced pedals, steel shaft (diameter 14mm). Steel handles (diameter 12mm), covered in foam (diameter 30mm).Dimensions : 53 x 48 x 45 cmMaximum allowed weight : 90 kgAge...

    from 129,17 €
  • This unicycle  is ideal for improving balance and co-ordination.Reinforced and comfortable saddle with bumper. Quick tightening. Thermo-coated tubular steel frame.Alloy rim, 36 spokesWeight : 4.40kg

    from 91,67 €
  • Circus activities offer to the child the opportunity to widen the field of its experiences, to know better and to develop his(her) physical abilities. Stilts adapted to the children and the teenagers.Aluminium telescopic adjustable stilts. While practicing balance with fun and in safety, kids will learn balance and body awareness! The handles are made of...

    from 40,00 €
  • Plastic (polypropylene) spinning plate to spin on the end of a stick. This exercise requires agility and concentration. It fascinates and amazes children. Ideal for school performances.Supplied with plastic stick and a free juggling book.Diameter : 25cmWeight : 104g

    from 14,17 €
  • The diabolo game develops skilfulness for children and grown-ups.Delivered with two sticks, a string and a free juggling book.

    from 7,50 €
  • Devil stick/juggling stick specially designed for training and initiation.

    from 12,50 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items

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