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  • Exercise balls are a great and very useful fitness tool to improve strength, balance ? at your home for workouts or in the gym. Gym balls are used in Fitness, Yoga, Pilates ... and also as rehabilitation tools.

    from 14,17 €
  • The elastic band is a versatile accessory allowing the realization of many resistance and mobility exercises. These bands adapt to all levels and allow you to increase resistance during strengthening exercises, squats, bench press or to help you with pull up ...   Specs : Natural latex Length: 1M04 Thickness: 0.45CM Width and Color: Depend on the...

    from 6,67 €
  • The fitness cushion pad is perfect for mobility exercises, it encourages better posture and help to increase stability and balance.Diameter 33cm.

    from 20,00 €
  • The BOSU balance trainer is perfect to enhance balance, mobility and strength. You can use it dome or platform side down. This product is perfect to work on training balance, enhancing flexibility & delivering effective cardio workouts Diameter 58cm Delivered with a pump.  

    from 110,00 €
  • Balance board helps improve your balance, coordination and flexibility and develop core muscle strength. Used in rehability and physical therapy.   Diameter 40cm - Height 8 cm

    from 37,50 €
  • Specifically designed to fit cones and bricks for all games, these poles will allow you to design your own mobility courses and benefit from unlimited combinations. Polyethylene tube, diameter 25mm, rigid plastic with safety plugs. Assorted colours.

    from 11,67 €
  • Versatile, the Elastic band can be used on each of the main muscle groups (arms, back, glutes, pecs, thighs, abs, etc.). Can be used in aquagym activities. Fitted with handles for hands/feet numbered 1 to 8.. Anti-tear and non-deforming. 39% elastodiene, 35%polyester, 26% polyamide. Washable at 30°C maximum. Length : 80cm

    from 11,67 €
  • This stand for exercise ball is essential for greater stability and safety during training. Made from polypropylene, diameter Diameter 50cm. Color : Black

    from 21,67 €
  • Essential for developing good balance. This polyethylene balance ball is shock-resistant and can be used indoors. Diameter 70cm   Made in France

    from 246,67 €
  • The muscle roller stick reduce stiffness and pain before and after workouts.

    from 11,67 €
  • From beginners to top level, our high-density foam bench is well-adapted for many exercices in the best and safe environment.   Specifications: - Tear-proof handles - Made from high density polyurethane foam, 24kg/m3 - Non-slip underside, leather grain topside - All our modules are made with a 1000 denier Tergal cover, compliant with flame...

    from 141,67 €
  • Perfectly suited for balancing exercises, this seesaw has a unique design. Rocking from side to side and balancing   Pliable synthetic rubber domes on the underside of the seesaw provide a softer, more dynamic movement. Non-slip surface. The base of the pivot is covered with synthetic rubber to reduce the risk of crushing and to prevent damage to the...

    from 52,50 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items

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Designer, manufacturer and distributor of sport material for more than 50 years, Dimasport uses its experiences and knowledges of sport equipment industry by creating custom-made equipment.rnAs not all sports halls are standard in shape and size, we design and manufacture in France custom-made sports equipment which accurately fit into your available space.rnWe can closely monitor our special manufacturing requests, as our factory is located next door to our headquarter. Thanks to our made-to-measure service, we can create space efficient and well-equipped sports hall.rnDo not hesitate, ask for the impossible …

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