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Discover our made in France play mats for kids and baby. These mats are perfect to developed motricity and have fun doing gymnastics moves. 

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Find all our sport equipment for kids on our Kids' motricity equipment

Play mats

Discover our made in France play mats for kids and baby. These mats are perfect to developed motricity and have fun doing gymnastics moves. 

Play mats
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  • Designed for learning the wheel, very versatile, this treadmill is ideal for young gyms thirsty for training. The visual cues allow you to work on the alignment and positioning of the gymnast in a fun way. ...Dimensions: 200 x 50 x 4 cmComposition:In very dense and dynamic polyethylene foam 25kg / m2Covered in Tergal 1000 last canvas, leather grain top...

    from 101,67 €
  • Our corner mats are perfect to protect the angle of a playroom for kid. It's also frequently used in Gross Motor Development activities such as obstacle to secure the children environment. Made from 24k/m3 Polyurethane foam covered with a 1000 denier Tergal cover non-slip underside compliant with flame retardancy standard M2 and Phtalate-free.Made in...

    from 37,50 €
  • This children Diùakid sport mattress has been developped to let your kids have fun and play in safety. designed and manufactured in France this children's gymnastics Mat are very resistant and easy to wash. Composition:Made in France with quality tarpaulin [solvent-free, phthalate-free, M2 fire-retardant], polyurethane foam 10 cm thick.Upper in canvas /...

    from 198,33 €
  • To play hopscotch, you have to draw it out with a piece of chalk or trace it with a stick in sand. At infant school, it is easier to use the Dima Hopscotch.Made of 9 modules, Dima hopscotch assembles in a jiffy and can be taken apart just as easily!Specifications:Made from 3cm thick high density polyethylene foam fully covered with a canvas/vinyl cover...

    from 163,33 €
  • To climb up and down the bubble mat is great fun for children!The child finds its balance then stands up on the bubble mat with or without the help of an adult. The Bubble mat provides comfort with a soft cushionned surface to play in total safety.Specifications:- Made from higly cushionned 24kg/m3 polyurethane foam, - Covered with a canvas/vinyl cover...

    from 104,17 €
  • From beginners to top level, our high-density foam modules will allow you to create an infinite range of well-adapted and safe combinations. Unfolded dimensions : 200 x 60 x 25/5 cmFolded, it forms an incline block foam module of 100x60x30/10cm enabling to multiply exercises and optimize storage.Specifications:- Made from high density polyurethane foam,...

    from 150,00 €
  • Specifically designed to reduce storage space, foldable, very versatile, this three fold mat is perfectly suited for intensive use in a collective environment. Unfolded dimensions : 180 x 60 x 4 cmFolded dimensions : 60 x 60 x 12cmSpecifications:Made from dense polyethylene foam.Covered with a 1000 denier Tergal cover, leather grain top side and non-slip...

    from 78,33 €
  • A great soft cushionned mat to create a safe area for play or rest in your nursery, school, even for home... to experience crawling, rolling on, or falling onto whilst learning to walk. Our 4cm thick Circular DIMAKID comfort mat provides a cushioned and pleasant feel, to soften any falls and play in total safety.Specifications:- made from 4cm thick...

    from 108,33 €
  • Create a space for your movement, play, gymnastics, exercises, sports...This set of 6 multicolored triangle mats filled with firm foam are fitted with velcro fastener connection strips on all edges. Very versatile, these mats can be linked together to create surfaces of different shapes, sizes and colours.Specifications:- made from 3cm dense polyethylene...

    from 339,17 €
  • Ideal to build a surface for motricity, gymnastics and multisports...Designed for quick installation and storage with a small footprint, the Surface Evolution allows you to create an area of stability and level play. Ideal for games, it is also recommended for learning to walk with confidance due to the support and reassurance the mat offers to young...

    from 223,33 €
  • Take-Off Mat specially designed for vertical or horizontal take-off training. The white element can be used as a take-off board.It allows all types of jumping exercises (athletics or gymnastics) thanks to its coloured areas and numbers.It comprises 5 foldable areas in different colours (red, green, yellow, bleu and white).Specifications:Certified NF...

    from 173,33 €
  • Ideal for teaching long jump to beginners in total safety indoors or outdoors.Long jump mat foldable in two for easy storage.Coloured graduations every 50cm to easily asses performance.Specifications: In high quality polyurethane foam covered with 1000 derniers flame-retardant, phtalate-free Tergal fabric, with non-slip underside.Non-tear assembly of...

    from 380,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items

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