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  • Wooden gymnastic bench ideal for use in collectivity. The bench can be attached to a wall bar or to a wooden vaulting platform. Rounded edges are well finished and present no danger to users. Reversible, the bench becomes a gymnastics training beam of 10cm wide.

    from 236,67 €
  • Adjustable plyometric bench that can be adapt every 10 CM from 35 to 115 CM with safety pin. Adjustable plate covered with synthetic (non-slip tartan type) allowing training in spikes, crampons ... With reinforced pads for optimal stability and longevity of the product.   With handle and castor for easy movement and transport 130 X 68 X 120 CM...

    from 535,83 €
  • Essential for the plyo work or the muscular strengthening. The trapezoid plyometric boxes set contents three stackable benches with a slightly more stable base.   Specifications: In painted steel with non-slip feet. Non-slip synthetic surface. Heights : 20, 30 et 40 cm. Platforms dimensions : 28x28 cm - 33.5x33.5 cm - 38x38 cm

    from 190,00 €
  • Ideal for training it allows to improve leg power in total safety. This steel bench/Plyobox has been designed and manufactured by DIMA with a rounded shape to ease leg power exercises and improve strenght. Made from steel, very stable with non-slip synthetic cover. Dimensions : 120 x 75 x 20cm

    from 256,67 €
  • Well manufactured rounded wooden jump boxes / GPP (General Physical Preparation) steps. Specially designed for training. Made from wooden structure 15mm thick, synthetic covering with rounded edge down to ground allowing for worry-free and safe jumping and push-offs. Built-in handles (except for the 5cm high model).   Specifications: 15 mm CTBX wood...

    from 535,00 €
  • Standard GPP (General Physical Preparation) benches/plyo boxes available in different heights. Steel base, non-slip wooden surface (synthetic optional).   Dimensions : 80 x 55 CM   Made in France by Dima

    from 124,17 €
  • Perfect for power and plyo training. Set of 4 GPP (General Physical Preparation) stackable benches for plyometric workouts.   Specifications: Steel legs and base, non-slip wooden surface 15mm thick (synthetic optional). Measurements (Length x width x height) : 1 bench 89 x 64 x 60cm 1 bench 81 x 56 x 50 cm 1 bench 73 x 48 x 40cm 1 bench 65 x 40...

    from 644,17 €
  • The Dima foam plyobox is perfect for plyometric training, the high quality flexible solid polyurethane foam offers security and really helps to prevent injury. The foam plyo box will allow you intense training with many repetitions.   Made in France by Dima

    from 385,00 €
  • DIMA EXCLUSIVITY This Special Educational Club hurdle has been specifically designed for technical hurdle training. Light with no L-shaped supports, this hurdle allows for lateral training without risk of sprain. Adjustable heights: 65 - 76 - 84 - 91 - 99 - 106 cm   Specifications: Adjustment of hurdle height by ball and spring system. Made from...

    from 428,33 €
  • Cotton skipping rope. Lenght : 305cm Diameter : 9mm

    from 3,33 €
  • Skipping rope in viinyl with handles. Lenght : 280cm Diameter : 5mm

    from 4,17 €
  • Dimafit plyo boxes are made with firm polyethylene foam. Perfect for plyometric workout, the risk of injury is minimized at its maximum.   Specification: -  High quality firm polyethylene foam -  Very resistant leather grain topside -  Wide Velcro flaps ensure the boxes will not slip when stacked -  Non-slip underside -  Fitted with handles...

    from 102,50 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

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Designer, manufacturer and distributor of sport material for more than 50 years, Dimasport uses its experiences and knowledges of sport equipment industry by creating custom-made equipment.rnAs not all sports halls are standard in shape and size, we design and manufacture in France custom-made sports equipment which accurately fit into your available space.rnWe can closely monitor our special manufacturing requests, as our factory is located next door to our headquarter. Thanks to our made-to-measure service, we can create space efficient and well-equipped sports hall.rnDo not hesitate, ask for the impossible …

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