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Make it fun with Dima product ! The adapted track and field product for children will help to teach and learn basic athletic skills.


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Make it fun with Dima product ! The adapted track and field product for children will help to teach and learn basic athletic skills.
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  • For play and agility drills. This cross mat allows for multiple activities. Ideal to work forward, backward, side-to-side, and rotationally. Numbered from 0 to 4. Foldable and easily stored.   Specifications:Made from polyurethane foam 28KG/M3 covered with flame retardant and phtalate free 1000 deniers PVC Tergal fabric non-sleep underside. Folded...

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  • Take-Off Mat specially designed for vertical or horizontal take-off training. The white element can be used as a take-off board. It allows all types of jumping exercises (athletics or gymnastics) thanks to its coloured areas and numbers. It comprises 5 foldable areas in different colours (red, green, yellow, bleu and white).   Specifications:...

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  • Running and jumping as far as possible is now possible everywhere with the obstacle foam Jump course. Ideal for children from 3 to 6 years. Specifically designed for collective use, our foam modules are washable.   Course comprising: 1 foam springboard 100 X 65 X 25 CM 1 tower 60 X 60 X 75 CM 1 DIMAGYM mat 120 X 200 X 20 CM For kids from 3 to 6...

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  • Long jump stair mat for children. Ideal for learning long jump, to aim to jump higher and further. Sturdy and stable. Made of two elements connected by Velcro flaps reinforced by buckle and strap system. Element used in the FFA KID STADIUM.   Specifications: High density polyurethane foam 24 kg/m3, encased in one single cover made of 1000 denier...

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  • Ideal for teaching long jump to beginners in total safety indoors or outdoors. Long jump mat foldable in two for easy storage. Coloured graduations every 50cm to easily asses performance.   Specifications: In high quality polyurethane foam covered with 1000 derniers flame-retardant, phtalate-free Tergal fabric, with non-slip underside. Non-tear...

    from 490,83 €
  • Playfull post on base with ball to practise and measure vertical take-off.   Specifications: Built on a rounded heavy base for maximum safety. Ball height adjustable to requirements using halyard. Powder coated painted. Post height : 3 meters.   Made in France by Dima

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  • From beginners to top level, our high-density 3 or 4 level platform Pedagogym foam module will allow you to create an infinite range of well-adapted and safe combinations. Adjustable in height thanks to its 3 elements with Velcro flaps, it enables to multiply exercises. Exercise decals printed on the each module. Made up of 2 x 40cm high elements and 1...

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  • Ideal for beginners and early training, this small weighted foam pole support module allows the pole to be placed in a steel tube to teach the pupils how to manipulate the pole. Dimensions : 40x37x30cm   Made in France by Dima

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  • These pole-vault mats allow the initiation into the "dive" of the pole vault but can also serve as target to be reached by the young athlete or as visual marks in your activities. Specifications: Made from soft foam covered by PVC fabric. Made in France by Dima

    from 38,33 €
  • Free standing vault box ideal for initiation. Made from galvanised steel. Can be freely placed on the ground without fixing. Fits to the niche made by the 2 BASIC front extensions. Supplied with foam protection. Easy to "plant" pole. It looks like a real vault box. Dimensions : 70 x 52 x 27 cm   Made in France by Dima

    from 458,33 €
  • Fibre glass pole designed for school beginners, this pole will be the perfect tool to discover the pole vault.

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  • Brightly coloured multi-activity elastic tape crossbar. Can be used as a pole vault or high jump crossbar, but also to materialize a goal, a tennis or badminton net, ... 5cm wide elastic able to stretch from 3 to 5 meters.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items

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