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Find all the training materials you need to train and teach athletics throws as discus, shot put, hammer, javelin  ...

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Order quicker !

Find all throwing materials for track and field on our TRACK AND FIELD EQUIPMENT CATALOG  


Find all the training materials you need to train and teach athletics throws as discus, shot put, hammer, javelin  ...

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  • The Yellow Officials'flags are essential for Competitions. They are used to indicate a violation in a race or indicate the time left for a contest.   Flag : 42 X 15 CM Handle : 50 CM   Sold by pair

    from 25,00 €
  • This throwing tray allows you to securely attach a handisport throwing seat. Resistant and fitted with hooks, it allows a solid and secure attachment of the wheelchair throwing chair.   Throwing platform diameter 2M50 - 2M54 X 1M66 Equipped with two large side hooks on the sides of 2M54 and 5 vertical hooks on each side.   MADE IN FRANCE BY DIMA

    from 1405,83 €
  • Designed for the work of strengthening rotator muscles and rotational posture. Steel disc with handles, and rod on which you add the desired weight / weight disc. The additional discs are locked with a safety locking pin.   Once loaded and held by the handles, this tool allows to work and strengthen the rotators thanks to the realization of fluid...

    from 189,17 €
  • Replacement digit block for score and performance display panels. A number block allows you to display a number from 0 to 9 thanks to a system of rulers. Sold individually

    from 63,33 €
  • Steel markers (small model) numbered from 1 to 12.

    from 38,33 €
  • The short throwing distance marker box to be placed on throwing distance marks for shot. Essential for spectators to visualise performance. Light and stackable, manufactured in wear resistant polyester, colour impregnated. Figures on demand

    from 92,50 €
  • This shot put channel allows to return the shots from the landing system to the athletes very quickly. Consisting of a double rail in tubular steel mounted on tripods. Sloping. Can be dismantled for storage. Length : 20 meters   Made in France by Dima

    from 1493,33 €
  • Approved Nylon coated steel tape, acid resistant, permanent marking, mat antiglare surface. Metal case with easy to wind, flush-folding handle

    from 33,33 €
  • Durable, long-lasting measuring tape with vinyl-coated fiberglass tapes in ABS shatter-resistant case Features an easy to wind, flush-folding handle.

    from 7,50 €
  • Plastic sector line for marking out the throwing area. Width: 50mm Made from white PVC Roll of 50 meters long.

    from 47,50 €
  • Set of 100 metal fixing staples for fixing plastic sector lines.

    from 94,17 €
  • Cart to store, wind and unwind plastic sector line tape. Good manufacture in painted steel. Capacity : 100 m.

    from 160,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items

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