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Our gymnastics roll-up tracks are perfect to create a gym area wherever you want. 



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Order quicker !

Find our gymnastics roll-up tracks and all of our gymnastics equipment on our gymnastics catalog


Our gymnastics roll-up tracks are perfect to create a gym area wherever you want. 

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  • Roll-up track perfect for making up multi-purpose exercise areas or training surfaces.   Specifications: - made of springy and lightweight polyethylene foam, - covered with carpet - Non-slip underside - Can be attached to each other using Velcro strips (in option) Width : 2 meters - 35mm thick   Made in Italie

    from 600,00 €
  • The roll or linear metre of the synthetic track allows to create working areas for sport with ground impact and athletic activity. Resistant to impacts and shocks, this anti-slip rubber cover improves adhesion and helps reduce vibrations.Its shock absorbent property will ensure underfoot and articulation comfort.   Allows the use of track shoes. Sold...

    from 360,00 €
  • This rool up track transport rolley is perfect to transport and store your synthetic track rool or gymnastic rool-up tumbling track. Made for rool-up track of 15cm to 86cm diameter.   Dimensions : 210 X 68 X 53 CM   Made in France by Dima

    from 575,00 €
  • 25M Velcro strips for rollable tracks [ Ref.23850, 23851, 23852] Indispensable for connecting the roll-up tracks together to be able to make a training floor.

    from 50,83 €
  • This mat winder on a mandrel allows transportation and storage of the synthetic mats used to cross the athletics tracks. Epoxy coated steel structure. Mounted on 4 x 200mm diameter swiveling wheels. 4 meter long mat winder with one crank at each end.   Made in France by Dima

    from 1047,50 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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Designer, manufacturer and distributor of sport material for more than 50 years, Dimasport uses its experiences and knowledges of sport equipment industry by creating custom-made equipment.rnAs not all sports halls are standard in shape and size, we design and manufacture in France custom-made sports equipment which accurately fit into your available space.rnWe can closely monitor our special manufacturing requests, as our factory is located next door to our headquarter. Thanks to our made-to-measure service, we can create space efficient and well-equipped sports hall.rnDo not hesitate, ask for the impossible …

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