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Dimakid provides motricity foam modules, discover our selection for children from 3 to 6 years old. 

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Discover all our sport equipment for young children in our  CHILDREN MOTRICITY EQUIPMENT CATALOG 

3-6 years

Dimakid provides motricity foam modules, discover our selection for children from 3 to 6 years old. 

3-6 years
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  • This foam hal circle can be fix to other foam motricity modules thank to velcro elements in order to create the course you need. In firm polyurethane foam 24kg / m3 covered in a Tergal 1000 denier fabric treated with M2 fire retardant and phthalate free with special non-slip bottom.Colors: gray-yellowMade in France by Dima

    from 305,83 €
  • Foam bridge module for children's motor skills course.Alone this module can be used as a bridge - as in the "zig zag course" K3530 or in pairs and flat within traction courses to create a recess space.Colors: blue-redOverall dimensions : 3 sides of 60 cm - height 50 cmDimensions of the hole : semi-circle of diameter 80 cm - high. 50 cmComposition : In...

    from 238,33 €
  • The round or square beam support can be used to raise a motor skills beam to create a fun environment ideal for early learning and motor development for young children.The foam supports are sold individually and adapt to our round / square beam modules.In firm polyurethane foam 24kg / m3 covered in a Tergal 1000 denier phthalate free fabric with special...

    from 90,00 €
  • Our foam cylinders are ideal for creating children motricity courses.Create your own motor skills circuits for children by selecting the foam modules most suited to your needs.Composition: In firm polyurethane foam 24kg / m3 covered in a Tergal 1000 denier phthalate free fabric.Made in France by Dima

    from 108,33 €
  • Our square beams for children have been especially designed for motor skills course for children. Perfect to develop Kids Motor Skills and Coordination our foam equipment will allow every child to discover new abilities in the most fun and secure environment possible. Made from 24k/m3 Polyurethane foam covered with a 1000 denier Tergal cover non-slip...

    from 40,00 €
  • Children's foam staircase designed to support children in the development of coordination and body control in space.These stairs are fitted with Velcro strips for optimal connection with other elements such as modules or rugs.They are designed for community use, they are washable.In firm polyurethane foam 24kg / m3 covered in a Tergal 1000 denier...

    from 70,00 €
  • This educational motor skills module allows children to move on a bumpy surface in order to develop their coordination and their physical ability to adapt to the obstacle.The module has velcro straps sewn on the underside to allow you to easily attach it to other elements, ensuring total safety for your motor skills.In firm polyurethane foam 24kg / m3...

    from 163,33 €
  • Platform motor skills module. Foam modules for motor skills and baby gym courses help children develop coordination through play.Designed to enhance your routes, this module is designed with integrated Velcro straps, allowing you to juxtapose several elements for optimum safety.Made of firm 24kg / m3 polyurethane foam covered in a phthalate-free 1000...

    from 170,00 €
  • Ideal to develop motor skills, agility and body coordination, our products are perfectly suited for children. To play in total safety without ever getting bored, our modules are adaptable and adjustable with Velcro, guaranteeing faultless safety in its various configurations. Specifically designed for collective use, they are washable.Made from 24k/m3...

    from 138,33 €
  • Our humpback slide foam modules are designed to be climbed or used as a slide by children.Fun and suitable for coordination and motor development work, these bumpy inclined planes will allow you to enhance your motor skills as well as possible.Designed with velcro strips that give you the possibility of attaching the module to other elements to best...

    from 99,17 €
  • Our inclined plane foam modules allow children to discover themselves and have fun in complete safety.Ideal for setting up motor skills courses, our inclined planes are sewn and delivered with Velcro straps so that different modules can be attached to each other.In firm polyurethane foam 24kg / m3 covered in a Tergal 1000 denier phthalate free fabric...

    from 70,00 €
  • This foam cube module is ideal for setting up motor skills courses.Designed for children and to support their motor development, this motor skills module comes with Velcro fasteners allowing you to attach different modules to each other for optimal safety.Specially designed for intensive use, these foam cubes are easily washable.Made in France by Dima

    from 62,50 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

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