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Discovers all the needed equipment for efficient athletics Long Jump/Triple Jump training and all the materials that you need to organized a track and field competition. 

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Order quicker !

Order quicker !

Find all our long jump training materials on our TRACK AND FIELD EQUIPMENT CATALOG  


Discovers all the needed equipment for efficient athletics Long Jump/Triple Jump training and all the materials that you need to organized a track and field competition. 

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  • The Yellow Officials'flags are essential for Competitions. They are used to indicate a violation in a race or indicate the time left for a contest.

    from 21,67 €
  • These distance indicator boards, made from 15mm thick PVC, are printed on both sides.They can be used  either on vertical stand (ref.11331) or inclined stand (ref. 11330)

    from 66,67 €
  • Distance indicator board in foam entirely covered with 1000 deniers PVC fabric.Free-standing. For total safety.

    from 354,17 €
  • The take-off board markers are essential for the athlete to visualize the board at the end of the runway.In painted metal.

    from 40,83 €
  • Of high quality manufacture, this steel distance indicator stand is the model used for major competitions. Highly aesthetic and very visual, this product is good feature value for money.This structure can accommodate sets of long or triple jump panels (ref 11345 et 11365 not included).

    from 182,50 €
  • High quality and optimal legibility. This PVC distance indicator board comes with a white lacquered steel stand.

    from 262,50 €
  • This sand border is essential to protect against sand splashing around the long jump/triple jump sand pit. Made of 4cm thick dense foam for total safety. Height : 40cm.To bury in the sand kepping approximately 15cm on top of the sand.

  • FFA (French Federation for Athletics) and IAAF compliant.The plasticine load is used to equip the competition take-off boards. It allows to see clearly if an athlete has fouled the board when jumping.The plasticine load is composed of 2 bands of 60cm wide each including 5 strips.

    from 25,83 €
  • The plasticine spatula is perfectly designed to apply the plasticine on the foul board.It allows to smooth the plasticine on the board.

    from 32,50 €
  • The sand pit cover is essential to keep the sand pit clean and protect it from bad weather conditions.Made from 1000 deniers PVC fabric. Wide choice of colours.Possibility to customize your sand pit cover on request.

  • The laser optic measuring device is essential for accurate measuring the long and triple jumps. A graduated rule fitted with a sliding telescope enables the footprint to be targeted, and the performance to be directly read. Mounted on 2 tripods.

    from 2074,17 €
  • ApprovedNylon coated steel tape, acid resistant, permanent marking, mat antiglare surface. Metal case with easy to wind, flush-folding handle

    from 31,67 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

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