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6-12 years
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  • Green light, I can move forward, orange, I slow down and stop if I can, Red, I stop and wait until the light becomes green again!Traffic light with a display for cars and pedestrians.It can be operated automatically or manually.Batteries not included (3xAA, R6).Dimensions : 27x12x71cmWeight: 3.7kgCertified ASTM F 963 - Toys safetyCertified EN 71 - Toys...

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  • The Floor Surfer appeals to children and combines play and the training of motor skills.It has been developed in partnership with children's physiotherapists to ensure safe use by any child irrespective of motor skills level.

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  • The adult way of handling the wheelbarrow trains children's sense of equilibrium.Wheelbarrow specially designed for children from 3 to 7 years old, adapted for use in schools, after-school clubs and even at home. These items have been developed in collaboration with teachers, childcare facilities, physiotherapists and researchers.

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  • The sandbox is on fire! No panic, the fire-truck is just around the corner!This fun, red fire truck is ideal for role-playing on the playground. It strengthens the development of social skills and stimulates imagination, motor abilities and reflexes. Specially designed for two kids : a driver and a passenger standing or seating on the rear platform.Fire...

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  • This fun digger is a true classic. It moves bucket loads of sand in no time and turns every sandbox into a construction site. It encourages role-play, stimulates the imagination, and strenghtens right-left hand coordination as the movement of the shovel follows the movement of the hands just like on a real excavator. And no need to worry about work place...

    from 179,17 € 179,17 €
  • With this Kangaroo Trike, the child can bring out deliveries in the form of sand, toys - anything really - to friends all over the playground. The trike has a striking resemblance with a cargo bike with a real box in front and not just a step plate.Kangaroo Trike specially designed for children from 4 to 7 years old, adapted for use in schools,...

    from 353,33 € 353,33 €
  • Children often use play to imitate adults or situations they have experienced on their day-to-day lives. The twin Taxi stimulates the imagination - the possibilities are endless. Has room for 3 children.Twin Taxi specially designed for children from 4 to 7 years old, adapted for use in day care facilities, kindergartens, schools, after-school clubs and...

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  • Ready, steady, go! The cool driving characteristics of the Fun Cart make it very exciting to ride.Steering of the Fun Cart goes very smooth by using the two handle pins making the rear wheels move. Improves children's coordination skills as the child uses the entire body when driving.Fun Cart specially designed for children from 4 to 7 years old, adapted...

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  • Set of 3 traffic signs with traditionnal stickers for NO OVERTAKING/NO PARKING/DANGER SPOTS/ONCOMING TRAFFIC and STOP.Dimensions : 27 x 12 x 69 cmCertified ASTM F 963 - Toys safetyCertified EN 71 - Toys safety

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  • This cycle rack keeps your two or three-wheelers tidy and well-ordered, in addition to saving space. Cycle rack for three scooters or two-wheelers.It should not be mounted anywhere near children's play areas.Made from high quality epoxy painted steel.Weight: 7.8kg

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  • The Easy Rider is red and is very cool! It has a low seat and a Harley-type handlebar. The large front wheel lets children work up a good speed and maintain momentum. The Easy Rider is specially designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, adapted for use in schools, after-school clubs and even at home. These items have been developed in collaboration...

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  • Who's child is not dreaming about driving his/her own tractor?Porsche Diesel Tractor is a very robust pedal vehicle which is modelled on the full-size original right down to the last detail and is equipped with a variety of play-enhancing features.

    from 146,67 € 146,67 €
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