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  • DIMA's foam hurdle is ideal for beginners and training. Stable and totally safe.

    from 60,00 €
  • These baby hurdles are perfectly suitable for athletic's schools and  track work.Specifications:Made of lacquered tubular steel with adjustable heights by flipping over the hurdle : 25-30-35-40-45-50-55 et 60cm. Width : 60cm. Hurdles board fixed with magnets for increased safety and less apprehension.Available in set of 3 or in set of 6.Made in France by...

    from 120,00 €
  • Replacement hurdle board for baby hurdles.Made of white PVC with 2 magnets. Lenght : 60cm

    from 40,83 €
  • DIMAKID hurdles are perfectly suitable for athletic's schools and track work.Specifications:Lacquered steel construction, strong, easy to use and to stack. P.V.C. hurdle board placed on rubber supports.Delivered with a storage bag.Made in France by Dima

    from 119,17 €
  • Aimed at working on rhythm by placing the bands at regular intervals according to athlete's stride. Can also be used in your various agility and motricty exercices.Specifications:Made of anti-skid rubber. Colour-marked both sides, 42.5 x 3.5 cm

    from 35,00 €
  • Small foam pavers for use as obstacles during track work, coordination and stretching. These mini obstacles can be piled on top of one another.Specifications:Made of foam with Tergal cover, compliant with flame retardancy standard M2 and Phtalate-free. Delivered with a storage bag.Made in France by Dima

    from 175,00 €
  • Improve your speed, coordination, balance, and conditioning with our foot speed agility ladder.Durable, portable, and highly visible the speed ladder helps you to work on rythm exercises.Adjustable spacing. Very easy to position. Length: 8.50 m. Width: 50cm. Possibility to join up several ladders using an attachment system. Supplied with a free storage bag.

    from 35,00 €
  • The agility ladder allows you various position and rythm exercices. Perfect for agility and precision training, the anti-slip rubber offers a real stability on the floor. Flexible spacing. Very easy to position. Lightweight and easy to use. Supplied with free storage bag.

    from 45,83 €
  • Running, jumping, the agility hoop ladder facilitates the organisation of space and plan rhythm exercises. Contents: 8 x 60 cm. rods12 x 60 cm diameter round hoops12 clipsDelivered with a free storage bag.

    from 47,50 €
  • Running, jumping, the hoops ladder facilitates the organisation of space and plan rhythm exercises. Comprising 13 flat hoops of 40 cm diameter - Lenght : 5.20mDelivered with free storage bag.

    from 31,67 €
  • These step hurdles are ideal for footwork and trackwork. Foldable variable height step hurdles lightweight and easy to transport due to its flat folding system.

    from 57,50 €
  • Perfect for learning, this foam folding hurdle mat provides total safety and eliminates any fears. Provided with end velcro strips, the assembly of these mats achieves a very flat surface (like a gym mat surface) for footwork, coordination, or gymnastic exercises.Specifications:Made of high density, dynamic polyethylene foam with a 1000 denier Tergal...

    from 233,33 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

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Designer, manufacturer and distributor of sport material for more than 50 years, Dimasport uses its experiences and knowledges of sport equipment industry by creating custom-made equipment.rnAs not all sports halls are standard in shape and size, we design and manufacture in France custom-made sports equipment which accurately fit into your available space.rnWe can closely monitor our special manufacturing requests, as our factory is located next door to our headquarter. Thanks to our made-to-measure service, we can create space efficient and well-equipped sports hall.rnDo not hesitate, ask for the impossible …

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