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  • Brightly coloured multi-activity elastic tape crossbar. Can be used as a pole vault or high jump crossbar, but also to materialize a goal, a tennis or badminton net, ...5cm wide elastic able to stretch from 3 to 5 meters.

    from 31,67 €
  • Dima as close as ever to track and field and users, has developed athletics activities packs with professionals.As a partner to sports bodies, we offer you basic equipement to help children discover, learn and progress.This comprehensive pack has been specially designed to introduce all jumping disciplines to children in the safest conditions and in a fun...

    from 117,50 €
  • Ideal for teaching long jump to beginners in total safety indoors or outdoors.Long jump mat foldable in two for easy storage.Coloured graduations every 50cm to easily asses performance.Specifications: In high quality polyurethane foam covered with 1000 derniers flame-retardant, phtalate-free Tergal fabric, with non-slip underside.Non-tear assembly of...

    from 380,00 €
  • This comprehensive Athletics Jumping Discovery pack has been specially designed to introduce all jumping disciplines to children in the safest conditions and in a fun way. This pack is particularly well suited to athletics clubs.

    from 332,50 €
  • Take-Off Mat specially designed for vertical or horizontal take-off training. The white element can be used as a take-off board.It allows all types of jumping exercises (athletics or gymnastics) thanks to its coloured areas and numbers.It comprises 5 foldable areas in different colours (red, green, yellow, bleu and white).Specifications:Certified NF...

    from 173,33 €
  • Target for throwing event landing area with colour coded zones for easier identification.

    from 82,50 €
  • Long jump stair mat for children.Ideal for learning long jump, to aim to jump higher and further. Sturdy and stable.Made of two elements connected by Velcro flaps reinforced by buckle and strap system.Element used in the FFA KID STADIUM.Specifications: High density polyurethane foam 24 kg/m3, encased in one single cover made of 1000 denier Tergal fabric,...

    from 1600,00 €
  • Ideal for initiation and training, this foam elastic crossbar is a totally safe alternative to a crossbar for pole vaulters and high jumpers.4M Elastic with foam sections (2 colors).

    from 15,83 €
  • The elastic roll is a totally safe alternative to a crossbar.Diameter 6mm

    from 13,33 €
  • These pole-vault mats allow the initiation into the "dive" of the pole vault but can also serve as target to be reached by the young athlete or as visual marks in your activities.Specifications:Made from soft foam covered by PVC fabric.Made in France by Dima

    from 29,17 €
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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Designer, manufacturer and distributor of sport material for more than 50 years, Dimasport uses its experiences and knowledges of sport equipment industry by creating custom-made equipment.rnAs not all sports halls are standard in shape and size, we design and manufacture in France custom-made sports equipment which accurately fit into your available space.rnWe can closely monitor our special manufacturing requests, as our factory is located next door to our headquarter. Thanks to our made-to-measure service, we can create space efficient and well-equipped sports hall.rnDo not hesitate, ask for the impossible …

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