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Discover all the throwing implements :  Shot-put, discus, Hammer, javelins … 

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Dimasport is closed until further notice.
As a result, the production workshops are closed and all the shipments will be postponed.
No delivery will be possible in this context.
You can ask for a quote online and we will answer you direclty.
Our sales team is at your disposal to respond to all your requests (quotations, orders, informationsand projects, etc.)
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Order quicker !

Order quicker !

Find all our shot-put, hammer, discus and javelin on our TRACK AND FIELD EQUIPMENT CATALOG  

Throwing devices

Discover all the throwing implements :  Shot-put, discus, Hammer, javelins … 

Throwing devices
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  • High quality Nemeth SC javelin.Recommended for technically beginner throwers, students and master athletes. Good compensation in case of inaccurate release.

    from 214,17 €
  • Made from foam stiff and light, this foam javelin is perfectly suited for initiation of the throw in complete safety.

    from 6,67 €
  • Perfect for initiation, the Turbo javelin is made from tough plastic with molded handle for better grip.

    from 36,67 €
  • The knocken ball is ideal for the initiation of the throw. With a perfect préention for the learning of a just throwing gesture in complete safety.

    from 9,17 €
  • Comet balls specially designed for the learning of the throwing for the youngest in multiple sports: athletics, tennis, baseball, etc.The thrower device allows to throw and to catch up without bending comet balls or tennis balls.Comet balls in polyurethane easy to visualize and to catch. Their ribbon allows to follow their trajectory.

    from 60,83 €
  • The Rocket javelin is ideal for throwing training, for correct movement acquisition, in complete safety. With sound whistling.

    from 45,83 €
  • Very safe javelin, with a plastic tip. Ideal for school beginners and initiation.

    from 82,50 €
  • Extruded and well balanced, coloured string handle for better identification of weights, steel head. Excellent value for money. Suits perfectly in an intensive use in community.

    from 115,00 €
  • Approved. Very good manufacture, rigid, strong, string handle, steel head. A different epoxy colour for each weight.Designed for an intensive use in clubs, schools and collectivities.

    from 116,67 €
  • Officially approved. Well made, rigid, strong, string handle, zinc-plated steel tip and shiny. Painted in different colours for each weight. Optimum centre of gravity.

    from 50,83 €
  • Approved and I.A.A.F. certified Well made for major competitions. Streamlined and balanced, coloured string handle and steel head.

    from 79,17 €
  • Approved.Thermo processing for improved rigidity, reinforced by 2 colour epoxy protection. Copper plated steel tip. Optimised centre of gravity.

    from 146,67 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 58 items

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